Ittisal Billing System offers the leading platform for “Retail/Wholesale” international VoIP resellers, combining easy-to-use functions with comprehensive features, ideal for Prepaid/Postpaid Phone calling card providers, SIP/Soft Phone, Call shops and more….

Ittisal is a complete billing solution for ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Providers). It’s designed and developed to satisfy all your billing needs using an attractive web-based online tools for management and reporting ASR (Average Success Rate), ACD (Average Call Duration), CDRs (Call Detail Records), Event Logs, Call Counts, and active Calls, viewable in MS Word, Excel or HTML format, that can be further used for accounting and billing purposes.

Ittisal Management Console control the whole system components, by administering user accounts, rate table, code country, payment, invoicing, Reporting, statistics, PIN generation, carrier trunks, search tools, CDR collection, system configurations, alarms and real time troubleshooting.

The console environment supports multiple application windows to view relating information and provides import/export utilities for data transfer. Resellers/Vendors can login and administer their rates, create PINs as well as administer their users using the following features: